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Our Story

About us


One of a kind

Kathmandu Bar and Grill was formed out of an aspiration to combine the culinary treasures of Nepalese, Indo-Chinese, and Western Cuisine. We take pride in each plate we serve, and want our customers to have the best experience we can provide. Therefore, every element of our collection of recipes is meticulously perfected by our expert chefs before it makes its way onto our menu. Combine this with our exquisite ambiance and generous hospitality, and you will receive a dining experience like no other.

Fresh Ingredients

Sourced from local markets daily, we provide only the freshest ingredients in our dishes. 

Food Reimagined

Each and every one of our unique recipes is crafted and curated by our in-house chefs. 

Fine Dining

From  our plating to our decor, we provide a simple yet elegant dining experience. 


Our Unique Flavours